The concept

The CF System concept allows you to focus on your patients instead of wasting valuable time searching for instruments to complete a surgical procedure. By standardising your instrument management, from cleaning to chairside work, you can optimise your working time and therefore the efficiency of your practice.

The Benefits

For the practitioner

  • Optimisation of productivity, providing you more time to provide your patients with superior care
  • Savings on instruments due to reduced wear and tear and loss of instruments
  • Cost reduction 
  • The cassettes ensure the optimal cleaning of the instruments thanks to the ideal positioning of the instruments within the ultrasonic bath and in the thermal steriliser

For the dental assistant

  • The concept helps to standardise actions and avoids dependency on a single person
  • Less waste, the instrument sets remain complete
  • Reducing the handling of  instruments reduces the risk of injury
  • The capacity of nine 1/2 DIN containers per sterilisation cycle

For the patient

  • Assurance that the practice provides for safe surgical procedures
  • Increased confidence in the practice regarding the quality of instrument sterilisation
  • Guaranteed sterility of the instruments thanks to the traceability lead seal
  • Shortened appointments as no more time is wasted searching for instruments during a treatment

The stages of chairside use

It is quick and easy to use. The following steps describe the use of CF System products and their integration into the practice. The instruments remain sterile as long as the container is not opened. Handling is safe for both patient and the dental staff.

1: Ready-to-use container: select your container according to the type of treatment.

2: Opening the container. Your instruments remain sterile inside the cassettes.

3: Grasp the cassette with the handle provided.

4: Prepare and set up your instruments on your worktable for treatment.

5: Once the treatment is complete, store your instruments between the silicone covers after removing any substantial impurities.

6: Your instruments are now stored, and you can safely move the container.

7: Close the cassette to proceed to the sterilisation steps.

8: Carry your cassette in a tray to the sterilisation site.

The cleaning and sterilisation steps

The sterilisation steps do not change, and your actions remain the same. This eliminates the need to handle instruments and therefore saves you considerable time. The cleaning and sterilisation of instruments is performed safely and with equal ease.


1: Initiate the sterilisation process as you normally do in decontamination pools.

2: Subsequently, rinse the equipment thoroughly with running water.

3: Place the cassette inside the ultrasonic tank (optional).

4: After the ultrasonic tank, rinse the equipment with tap water.

5: The cassette fits perfectly into the thermal steriliser. The equipment will remain optimally maintained and cleaned.


6: Store the cassette in the container after its removal from the thermal steriliser.

7: Close the container with the clamps at the extremities.

8: Apply the safety seal and the traceability label and place it into the steriliser.

9: After the sterilisation of the container, remove it with a protective glove.

10: Allow it to cool in the open air and your container will be ready for use once again.

11: Sterile and ready-to-use instruments stored directly in the treatment room.

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