The concept

The CF System concept allows you to focus on your patients instead of wasting valuable time searching for instruments to complete an operation. By standardizing your instrument management, from cleaning to chair work, you optimize your working time and therefore the efficiency of your practice.


Benefits for the practitioner

  • Helps optimize productivity by giving you more time to provide patients with superior patient care
  • Saves money on lost or damaged instruments
  • Reduces costs and increases productivity
  • The cassettes ensure that the working ends of the instruments are held securely, and that the sharp points are contained inside the cassette

Benefits for employees

  • The concept helps to keep acts flowing smoothly, reducing stress and creating team spirit.
  • Requires less time to install and uninstall the cabinet
  • Saves you up to 10 minutes of time per procedure, allowing you to spend more time with your patients.
  • Reduced instrument handling makes it possible to operate more safely
  • Capacity of 9 1/2 DIN containers per sterilization cycle

Benefits for the patient

  • Ensuring that the practice provides safe surgical procedures and without stress visits.
  • Confidence that the instruments have been cleaned, sterilized and prepared specifically for them.

Operating step

Below you can see how quickly and easily the cassettes can be used. The instruments remain sterile until the container is opened.

Safe and reliable handling.

1: Take one of the containers you need for future treatment..

2: The instruments inside are already sterile at the opening.

3: The cassette can be gripped by the specially fixed handle.

4: Place your instruments on the work surface and start treatment.

5: After the treatment, safely store your instruments in the cassette.

6: Store your instruments between the silicone covers provided for this purpose.

7: Your instruments are now stored in the container and can be transported safely.

8: Close the cassette and proceed to the sterilization steps (see below).

Cleaning and sterilization steps

The sterilization process is the same as the one you are used to, except that it is safer and easier with the containers.    The procedures remain the same.

1: After use, the cassettes are placed in a transport container.

2: Start as usual with sterilization.

3: Rinse thoroughly under running water.

4: Continue in the ultrasound basin.

5: Next, rinse under running water.

6: Now the perfectly matched cassette is inserted into the thermal sterilizer.

7: Store the cassette in the container.

8: This is closed with two outer flaps.

9: Place the safety lead and sterilization label and place in the sterilizer.

10: After sterilization, it is removed with protective gloves.

11: Allow to cool briefly and the container is ready for use again.

12: Here’s how a stock looks like.

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