Endodontic stand



Instrument support



Deltal instruments



Silicon protection



A support to allow you to have your instruments in the best conditions.

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and benefits

– Sterilizable in autoclave at 134°c

– Supports ultrasound and thermodeinfector

– Stainless steel frame, teflon insert

– Stable in open position due to precise and straightforward stop

– Silicone colour markers to differentiate the types of treatments

– Gripping with one hand endodontic

– Space-saving (can be placed inside a 1/2 DIN with its instrument holder)

–Optimum cleaning of drills in closed condition possible (manual brushing, ultrasonic treatment and thermal disinfection without loss of equipment)

– The Teflon insert can be replaced by a laboratory version.

10 x RA: angle / 4 x HP: Handpiece / 13 x FG: Turbine

– Size : l/h/p : 90mm / 55mm / 15mm


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